Monday, March 13, 2017

Adk GPS tracks

Here is a list of all 46ers we hiked, plus GPS data (if available)

Rank Mountain Altitude Date Hiked Trip Report GPS Data
1 Mount Marcy 5,344 Jun 8, 2014 Trip
2 Algonquin Peak 5,114 Jul 15, 2014 Trip
3 Mount Haystack 4,950 Jun 8, 2014
4 Mount Skylight 4,926
5 Whiteface 4,867 Aug 4, 2013
6 Dix 4,857
7 Gray Peak 4,840
8 Iroqouis Peak 4,840 Jul 5, 2014
9 Basin Mountain 4,827 Jun 8, 2014
10 Gothics 4,736 Aug 8, 2015
11 Mount Colden 4,714 Jul 6, 2014
12 Giant Mountain 4,627 Jan 31, 2016 Trip
13 Nippletop 4,620 Sep 20,2015 Trip
14 Santanoni Peak 4,607 Oct 11, 2015
15 Mount Redfield 4,606 Jul 6, 2014
16 Wright Peak 4,580 Jul 5, 2014
17 Saddleback Mountain 4,515 Jun 8, 2014
18 Panther Peak 4,442 Oct 11, 2015
19 Tabletop 4,427 Jan 17, 2016 Trip
20 Rocky Peak Ridge 4,420 Jan 31, 2016 Trip
21 Macomb 4,405
22 Armstrong 4,400 Aug 8, 2015
23 Hough Peak 4,400
24 Seward Mountain 4,361 Jul 3, 2016 Trip
25 Mount Marshall 4,360 Oct 4, 2015 Trip
26 Allen Mountain 4,340
27 Big Slide Mountain 4,340 Sep 27, 2015 Trip
28 Esther Mountain 4,240 Nov 15, 2015 Trip
29 Upper Wolfjaw 4,185 Aug 8, 2015
30 Lower Wolfjaw 4,175 Aug 8, 2015
31 Street Mountain 4,166 Sep 19, 2015 Trip
32 Phelps Mountain 4,161 Jan 17, 2016 Trip
33 Mount Donaldson 4,140 Jul 3, 2016 Trip
34 Seymour Mountain 4,120 Jul 2, 2016 Trip
35 Sawteeth 4,100 Aug 8, 2015
36 Cascade Mountain 4,098 Aug 9, 2015
37 South Dix 4,060
38 Porter Mountain 4,059 Aug 9, 2015
39 Mount Colvin 4,057 Sep 20, 2015 Trip
40 Mount Emmons 4,040 Jul 3, 2016 Trip
41 Dial Mountain 4,020 Sep 20, 2015 Trip
42 East Dix 4,012
43 Blake Mountain 3,960 Sep 20, 2015 Trip
44 Cliff Mountain 3,960 Jul 6, 2014
45 Nye Mountain 3,895 Sep 19, 2015 Trip
46 Couchsachraga Peak 3,820 Oct 11, 2015

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Seward, Donaldson, Emmons & Seymour (NY,USA) - 4 more 46er peaks

On July 2-3, 2016, we did the Seward range in a 2-day hike. On the first day, we hiked Seymour (1,247m - 4,091ft) and summited Seward (1,325m - 4,347ft), Donaldson (1,252m - 4,108ft) and Emmons (1,231m - 4,039ft) on the second day. You will get four 46er peaks with this trip. Black flies and mosquitos were still present. 

We left Montreal at 6am on Saturday morning and headed straight to the Trailhead by Ampersand road. In the summer you can park directly at the trailhead, however, if you do this hike in the winter you have to park at the winter parking lot which adds another 3 miles (one-way) to your hike. At 10:30 am we started our hike. The first two hours follows along a marked foot path that is fairly flat. After about 15 min, you will reach a crossing, where the foot trail continues straight ahead and a horse trail to your right. We followed the foot trail as this is in better condition. After about 2 hrs (8.5 km), we reached the Ward Brook lean to which is the second out of four lean to's on this path. The Ward Brook lean to lies between the trail crossing for hiking Seward/Donaldson/Emmons and Seymour.

As it was a long weekend for Canadians (Canada day) and Americans (4th of July), there were a lot of people out there hiking. The first lean to was full and about 6 tents were pitched around it. The second lean to (Ward Brook) had 4 sleeping spots left, however, about 5 more tents were pitched around it as well. We reserved the four spots at the lean to and continued to the summit of Seymour with our day packs. From the lean to, you have to follow the same trail you were coming from for another 5min until you reach the trail that goes towards Seymour. All along the base of the trail, there is a water stream ideal for refilling your water. As it was raining the day before, the trail up towards Seymour was muddy. The path is quite steep all the way to the top and follows along the water stream for almost the complete trail. There are a lot of boulders and roots you have to climb over, but nothing to different from other trails in the Adirondacks. After 1.5 hrs (2.8 km), we reached the summit of Seymour. The way back to the lean to took us roughly 1hr, so that we finished the first day with about 5.5 hrs of hiking for a distance of 16km.

We woke up at 6am on Sunday morning and were on the trail by 7:15am. We packed all of our stuff and left it by the trail intersection to Seward mountain to continue the ascent with our day packs only. There are again plenty of spots to refill your water if you have a water filter or treatment tablets. The trail is slowly ascending for the first part of the trail and gets steeper after a while. Again, the trail was quite muddy and we reached the summit at of Seward at 9:30 am, after about 2 hrs 15 min (4.75 km) beyond the lean to. On the other side you descend around 110 m (360 ft) and walk back up about 70m (340 ft) to summit Donaldson mountain, which we reached at 11:00 am. Just shortly before the summit, you will reach a cross-section, the summit trail is towards your left and to your right is a trail that goes back to the parking lot. Most day hikers, come up this path and summit Seward/Donaldson/Emmons from there in a day. We, however, decided to leave our heavy overnight backpacks by the lean to's so that we had to go back the same way we came from (that means summiting Seward twice). The trail from Seward to Donaldson took us about 1hr. From there you head over to the final 46 er for the day, Emmons. The trail is another 1.5 km and it took us about 55 min to get there, so that we were there at 11:50am. The best views you can from Donaldson, so we went back over there for our lunch break. At 2:10am, we were on the summit of Seward again and were heading back down to our backpacks. The descend is again fairly steep and muddy. We reached the trail-crossing and our backpacks at 4:15pm. After a refreshing feet-in-the-cold-water dipping, we continued our way back to the trail head and reached our car at 7pm.

Here the stats for the 2-day trip:

Hiking time: 5 hrs 30 min
Elevation gain: 1,571 m (5,154 ft)
Distance: 15.5 km (9.6 miles)

Hiking time: 11 hrs 55 min
Elevation gain: 2,297 m (7,536 ft)
Distance: 23.8 km (14.8 miles)

Freshly made Ratatouille at our camp
Just before the summit of Seward Mountain.

View from Donaldson towards Seward Mountain.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Giant Mountain & Rocky Peak Ridge (NY,USA) - 4,636 ft & 4,390 ft (1,410 m & 1,338 m)

On January 31st 2016, we decided to hike two more 46er peaks: Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak. At 4am, we left Montreal in our super awesome Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (a free upgrade from our rental car company) and started our hike at exactly 7am from Chapel Pond Trailhead. The weather was forecasted to be just above 0°C. However, the last few days, about 6 cm of snow fall onto the trail. Two of us were wearing small ice spikes and two had their snowshoes strapped on after 5min as the path was quite icy. The snow in the lower part was packed with icy patches and fresh snow was covering the trail in the higher region. The first part of the trail goes up the ridge towards the Giant washbowl. From there you hike up very steep to moderately steep section towards Giant. About halfway through the hike, the other two switched to snowshoes as well. Parts of the ridge trail has exposed rocky sections covered with a dense layer of ice. With the snowshoes however, these section were manageable.

At 9:30am we were on the summit of Giant. The view towards the Adirondacks was just beautiful. We could see most of the 32 peaks we have hiked so far, that was very cool. After a 20 min food break we were on our way to Rocky Peak. The descent is quite long and steep (1 km descend and 220 height meters) . The ascent to Rocky Peak is less steep, so that we made it to the summit at 10:55 am. We spend about 40 min on Rocky Peak before heading back down and up (almost back to Giant). From there you descend back to the car. As the temperature was quite high, the snow began to melt and was super sticky and wet. This made the trail more slippery and annoying.  At 2:50 pm we were back at our car and on the way to have dinner in Plattsburgh.

Overall a very nice hike with breathtaking views of the Adirondacks and towards Vermont.

Here our stats: 
Hiking time: 7 hrs 56 min
Elevation gain: 1,881 m (6,171 ft)
Distance: 14.4 km (8.9 miles)

Giant Washbowl, 0.7 miles into the trail.

 Almost at the top of Giant Mountain looking West towards Dix Range, Colden and Marcy. 

 Looking over the beautiful range of Gothic, Saddleback, Upper/Lower Wolfjaw.

Icy patches on the wall.

View from Giant Mountain. 

Summit of Giant Mountain

From Giant towards NorthWest.

Beautiful view from Rocky Peak Ridge (just before the summit) to Giant. 
The whole ridge trail can be seen. 

Summit of Rocky Peak Ridge looking West.

On the summit of Rocky Peak Ridge with Giant Mountain on the right.

Looking East towards Lake Champlain and Vermont.

Me with my gear on Rocky Peak Ridge.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Phelps and Tabletop Mountain (NY, USA) - 4,160 ft (1,268 m) and 4,413 ft (1,345 m)

On January 17th 2016, we went on our first hike of the new year. Two more 46er peaks were on our agenda, Phelps and Tabletop Mountain.

We left Montreal at 5:30am and started our hike at 8:35am and came back at 4:00pm. Everything was well within the sunrise/sunset times. Weather was a bit cloudy with -12°C (-20°C windchill). We had our snowshoes with us, but the snow was packed enough that micro-spikes were perfect.

The trails to Phelps and Tabletop are well-marked. New signs for Tabletop were added this season, so it was easy to find. We reached the top of Phelps Mountain at 10:50am and the top of Tabletop at 1:20pm.

Here our stats: 

Hiking time: 7 hr 25 min
Distance: 20.5 km (12.7 miles)
Elevation gain: 1,616 m (5,301 ft)

We got a pretty sweet car upgrade for the weekend (for the same price).

This was just after Marcy Dam. Quite some snow next to trail, but the snow on 
the trail was nicely packed. No snow on the trees below 3,000 ft. 

Some super icy patches. Thanks mini spikes!

Top of Phelps mountain at 10:50am. 

Pretty nice view from Phelps Mountain looking east towards Mount Colden. 

 View from Phelps Mountain looking SouthWest. 

Tabletop Mountain at 1:20pm. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Esther Mountain (NY, USA) - 4,239 ft (1,292 m)

On Nov 15th, 2015, we hiked up Esther Mountain in the Adirondacks. The weather forecast was sunny and it had snowed (above 1,000m) the day before. We left Montreal early in the morning and drove towards Lake Placid. We parked our car at a parking lot at the end of Marble Mt Road near the Atmospheric Science Research Centre. Parking is free and they have toilets there. We startet our hike at 9:40am and made it to the top of Esther at 12:05pm. The top of Esther doesn't have a good view. However, there were some nice look-outs before we reached the top. 

The trail below 1,000 had some icy patches and we had to watch out where to stand. None us of were wearing spikes, but most people we encountered had them. Above 1,000m, the trail had snow and was starting to get more and more icy. A lot of icy accumulated onto the big boulders along the trail making the trail very slippery. The trees were covered in snow/ice for the last stretch of the trail. As the day was very sunny and quite warm, once we descended, the icy sections started to melt making the return easier. We returned to our car at 2:51pm. 

Here our stats: 
Total time: 5 hrs 9 min
Distance: 11.1 km
Elevation gain: 1,309 m

After 2 hrs hiking. Beautiful view and sunshine.  

The top was covered with fresh powder snow! Absolutely stuning!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mount Marshall (NY, USA) - 4,364 ft (1,330 m)

On October 4th 2015, we decided to finally hike Mount Marshall in the Adirondacks, NY. This mountain was bugging us for quite a while. We initially wanted to hike this one the year before. We planned this big 2-day hike in the Adk, but were too tired after hiking Wright Peak, Algonquin and Iroquois Peak on the first day, that we excluded Mount Marshall form that trip.

But now, it was finally time to takkle this mountain. This time, we decided to hike it from the South side. We left Montreal super early in the morning (3:30am) and were on our way to the Adirondacks. We parked our car at the end of the Upper Works Rd. If you are coming from Montreal, the drive to the trailhead will set you back 3hrs, just keep that in mind.

We started our hike at 7:19am. The trail starts out very easy and flat and will gradually get steeper. You'll pass by a nice lake on the way with very beautifully located lean-to's in case you want to do a 2-day trip. The last stretch of the hike is more steep and we found some ice patches on the boulders. Overall, the hike is very versatile. The view from Mt. Marshall is nice, not the best in the Adk though. By 11:45am, we made it to the top of Marshall and spent about 1 hr enjoying our lunch. We headed back at 12:45am and reached our car by 4:45pm.

Here our stats:
Hiking time: 9 hrs 34 min
Distance: 24.3 km
Elevation gain: 2,456 m

Found the first icy patch of our hiking season. This was close to the top. 

Trail close to the top of Mt. Marshall

Decent from Mount Marshall. This is about halfway through the trip back. 

The fall colours were just beautiful. 

Almost back at the car. This is the flat part of the hike. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Big Slide Mountain (NY, USA) - 4,199 ft (1,280 m)

On September 27th, 2015 we were hiking yet another Adirondack 46er, Big Slide Mountain. I must say this was one of my favourite hikes of the Adirondacks so far. On the way to the top you have so many viewpoints like no other mountain in the Adk (at least of all the 30 mountains I have hiked so far). In addition, the weather was absolutely stunning.

We were 5 people in the car and left Montreal in the morning. There is the Garden parking lot just at the trail head (orange dot on the map). However, this parking lot costs 7$ and fills up pretty fast in the morning. There is a 5$ p.P. shuttle that drives to the trailhead from the Marcy Airfield 2.5miles north of Keene Valley. We made use of this option as the parking was full. Keep in mind that the shuttle only operates between 7am - 7pm. Check this site for more info on the shuttle.

We started our hike rather late at 9:35am. We decided on hiking Big Slide in a loop by heading straight up to the top and then back over the less steep but longer path to lower Ausable Lake. Once descended, you just need to follow the Lake Road back to the trail head. The start of the hike was very strenuous as it went up steeply from the start on. But you are constantly rewarded by stunning view over Gothic, Marcy, Giant and the Dix Range in the far back. We reached the top of Big Slide by 12:15pm and enjoyed the view for almost 1 hr before heading back. We were back at the trail head by 5pm.

Here our stats: 
Total time: 6 hrs 24 min
Distance: 15.5 km
Elevation gain: 1,440 m

This was our group this time. For one person hiked it's first peak in the Adirondacks on that day!

Andreas, our photographer ;-) He always carries his big camera so that we have nice photos.

 On the top of Big Slide Mountain.

 What a beautiful trail. 

We might have did it again. Texas Steak Roadhouse after a long hiking day ;-)